Waking Up

The question I am asked the most, being a Gay, Former Liberal is: “What caused you to wake up?”

I’ve decided to answer with my first blog. We have a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

To really grasp my political awakening, we need to take a short journey through my political evolution. When I was in my early 20’s, I knew absolutely NOTHING about politics, nor did I care to. I did, however, become fascinated with “Conspiracy Theories”, researching The Bohemian Grove, JFK’s assassination, the 9/11 Attacks, as well as many other world events. At the time, I was completely convinced we did not have a political voice, our votes did not matter, elections were ultimately decided by the world elites and globalists, who were kind enough to let us all believe our individual votes would actually impact the outcome of an election. With this belief, I did not vote in the first election, which I was eligible to vote in. The same election which elected Barack Obama to his first term as President of the United States.

Fast forward four years… I was no longer in the “Conspiracy Theory” phase, nor was I interested in politics. All political news came from late night TV shows and comedians. I thought any politician, who comedians made fun of, must be a horrible person, therefore I supported any politician comedians did not target with jokes. Looking back, I was totally uninformed, self-identifying as a “Liberal” without even realizing, or knowing what the liberal political philosophy involved. I didn’t understand the left-right political spectrum, nor the differences between political positions, parties, or ideologies. I was totally unaware of the serious issues going on in the world.

My personal views were simply, people should be able to live their lives however they desired, as long as their actions did not hurt others. People should be able to live their lives how they wanted. That was it, nothing more. After a few more years in the proverbial political forest, I finally came to the realization “the left” did encourage people to live their life however they wanted, as long as the left approved. At the time, I was in love with the “Coexist” bumper stickers, unaware one could not simply coexist with people driven by an ideology, which teaches them to kill all non-believers. I was still the typical, uninformed individual, thinking with my heart, unaware, and not interested in facts.

When the fall of 2012 arrived, President Obama was up for his second term, I knew absolutely nothing about our President, his policies, his accomplishments, and his failures – many untold, but I DID know that I could vote for a black President, and make history by electing him to another term. So he “earned” my vote through “identity politics”. At the time, I did not know what identity politics actually were. In retrospect, my sexual identity was targeted by the allure of special treatment. I fell right into this trap, nearly falling back into the same trap during this 2016 election cycle.

I was raised in a family of Democrats, believing Bill Clinton was a good President, so naturally, Hillary Clinton would make a good President as well. I only knew Hillary Clinton by name, nothing more, other than she was pro-LGBT, and a woman, who would make (here’s that word again) HISTORY. I was ready to cast my vote for Hillary the second she announced her 2016 Presidential bid, complete with pandering and identity politics on full display.

At the time, I was pursuing stand-up comedy, creating a twitter account for the sole purpose of being able to tweet out jokes. I started watching the debates for source material, tweeting out jokes to followers. I found myself unwittingly taking a genuine interest in politics, while at the same time believing Hillary had the Presidency in the bag. Billionaire, TV celebrity Donald Trump and the other candidates simply provided pure entertainment. I cracked jokes at their expense through most of the election cycle and had a great time doing it.

Then something gradually happened… while watching the debates to crack jokes, I began internalizing the information, suddenly finding my eyes to begin opening. I became aware of ISIS, and others with the desire to come to America for the purposes of ending our way of life, and illegals pouring through our borders, costing taxpayers billions, and contributing to crime. I discovered our Veterans were being treated poorly, many homeless on the streets, while others are allowed to come to the United States illegally, reaping the benefits. A wide range of issues really started to resonate with me.

As a stand-up comedian, I believe one should be able to make light of any and every topic without the PC Police shrieking about “offensive words”.  Muh feelings !!  I was under the misconception Conservatives were the ones who couldn’t take a joke, I was definitely wrong. Suddenly dressing up as an Indian for Halloween was offensive, sports teams were being bombarded with hate mail because of their Mascots were not “PC.” From two genders, there became multiple genders, if you didn’t guess someone’s gender correctly, they became offended, and in need of therapy. As time went by, I went from writing jokes to getting pissed off about the inability to write material which wouldn’t “offend” people. The American PC Police continued to push the envelope mercilessly, the “pussification” of America made me sick to my stomach. Eight years of President Obama brought about a sense of entitlement, creating a country of victims, making criminals into victims, placing everyone else first, except Americans. Once I made this realization, I could not vote for Hillary Clinton. Hillary would simply be an extension of Obama’s policies, essentially being President Obama’s third term if elected. Prior to waking up, I simply dismissed the dark clouds of scandal following Hillary, because “it was her turn, she was going to make history, it was all just a witch hunt” … the usual excuses utilized by the left.

Keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House became an obsession, I became a dedicated maniac. I knew if America continued down the same path, Christians would be silenced, our police would continue to be villainized, our veterans would continue to be neglected, and my niece who was 2 years old at the time, would not know the America which I grew up in. My eyes began to open, realizing what liberal policies were doing to Europe. Rape, crime, and terrorism were destroying what once were beautiful countries. No More. I did not want the same to happen to our beloved America.

My social media posts on Twitter became progressively negative towards Hillary, knowing whoever the Presidential candidates were, I would vote for anyone but Hillary Clinton. As the Republican nominees dwindled, it became obvious the November election was going to be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I made it my purpose to do as much as I could to wake others up. Being a gay Conservative, I quickly discovered this was not an easy road to walk. The self-proclaimed “progressive, tolerant, accepting” Democratic party was anything but. By disagreeing with their views, the “tolerant” left constantly told me, “I hate myself”, I’m rooting against my own lifestyle, etc… this still happens today, and at the same frequency. After meeting many fellow Conservatives, I quickly discovered they really did not care if I was gay… This was not my grandpa’s GOP. Ultimately, I knew the largest threat to my lifestyle was Radical Islam. Under Sharia Law, homosexuality is punishable by death. Before you say this will never happen in America, research the percentage of moderate Islamists who believe in Sharia Law, then research which countries they currently control and are taking over.

Donald Trump was the first Presidential Candidate who has ALWAYS been supportive of LGBT. Unlike other candidates, Trump did not flip-flop on the issues to garner votes. I’ll elaborate in a future blog.

Another huge issue for me: I’m a Christian *gasp*… Yes … a gay, Christian Conservative, before any label, I am first and foremost a child of God. The left seems to really hate Christians, while consistently defending the “religion of peace”, put that in the category of “things that make you go ummmm.”  This will be another blog post.

The process of “waking up” required a lot of research beyond relying on the mere words of our two Presidential candidates. As I learn more and more about politics, I will be blogging about my journey, hopefully, waking others up who are in the same position I was in, not so long ago.

Thank you SO much for reading my very first blog ever. Though I am passionate about Politics, my goal for this blog is to cover many diverse topics, I believe there will be something for everyone here! Please subscribe for blog updates, follow me on social media, and share this blog with all your friends!

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